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Why Us

  • Associated with 500+ transporters and courier partners to exceed customers’ expectations
  • 100+ GPS enabled Own fleet to manage regular on time service to all our customers’
  • Centrally monitored Vehicle movement control room to meet transport SLA.
  • 50+ highly skilled and over 500 unskilled/semiskilled personnel strength across Eastern India to cope up urgent business requirement of customers.
  • Trained staffs to grab automated warehouse management through HHT based WMS.
  • Customized Reverse logistics functions
  • On board centralized and local backup force to accept sudden spike in logistical criticality & business requirement.
  • Well Experienced in Last Mile forward and reverse logistics
  • Vastly experienced in processing and delivering B2B customers in bulk numbers.
  • Customized value added service to customers.

  • We, at Pranik are committed to provide a best-in-class Supply Chain Solutions to that enhances customer delight through our relentless pursuit of perfection in our operations that consistently meet the customer requirements. We strive continually improve our core competencies to meet the market requirements.
  • We incorporate all industry sectors and aim to manage the fruition of project life cycles, supply chains and resultant efficiencies. We focus on both internal as well as external focus i.e. both inbound and outbound logistics covering the flow and storage of materials till the point it reaches the end user.  
  • We fundamentally aim to function in two forms, one to optimise a steady flow of material through a network of transport links and storage nodes, while other coordinating a sequence of resources in order to carry out specific projects.
  • We aim to modernise the logistics sector in our economy and ease the process for corporations and companies.
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