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We provide long-haul, Middle Mile, Last Mile & Reverse Logistics services under our transportation solutions.

With multiple vehicles plying every month, Pranik is well positioned to cater to any transportation requirement across the country. The sheer scale of operations and the technologies deployed ensure that the solutions offered are economically efficient and are also time bound. Our fully integrated system includes services like TMS system, automated reporting, Electronic POD management from last mile customers, Live tracking of vehicles through high performing GPS.

Hassle-free transportation with our end-to-end solutions ranging from long haul and last mile deliveries
Transport Desk Model

Taking up transport management of organizations on "as-is" basis and re-engineering operations as well optimizing processes ensuring the most efficient solution
Last Mile distribution

More than 100 vehicles catering to 10+ cities with three models as per customer requirements viz. local distribution model, service provider model and unique distribution model
Reverse logistics

One-stop solution for CDIT returns. Pick-up from Pharma distributor.
Route Planning

Customized network optimization that ensures safety, security and on-time delivery
Finished goods yard management

End-to-end management: From collection, inspection, storage, maintenance, supervision and hand-over alongwith value added services for quality control, damage repair, efficient space utilization, effective cost management amongst others.
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