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Transport Management System

  • Optimized routing solutions along with compatible modules are provided for specific business requirements.
  • The TMS platform enables collaborative logistics management. It enables collaboration with customers, BAs and partners. It helps save operational and freight costs through shipment consolidation. The platform provides 360 degree transparency through data sharing across all stakeholders. It provides seamless visibility to operations resulting in operational efficiency as well as provide analytics and MIS reports.
What We Do
How We Do It
Why Do We Do It
Plan Routes and Route Schedules for Secondary Transportation
Route Planning & Optimization Engine
Minimization of transportation cost while adhering to threshold Service Levels, Delivery Time Windows, Load Factor Utilization, Road Traffic Conditions etc.
Initiate a Private Freight Exchange
Freight Exchange Module (TMS)
Minimization of Freight Cost as well as Reduction in time required to finalize Business Associates (Transporters) and awarding of contracts for lane(s) through auctions.
Track and Trace Consignments (on-the-go)
Shipments Tracking Module & Mobile Apps (TMS)
Increased convenience through on-the-go information facilitated by Mobile Apps as well as minimization of time required to track/trace a consignment while providing accurate ETA through advanced algorithms and automated logging of geofence entry and exit times for consignments at every waypoint configured en-route
Capture e-PoDs
PoD Mobile App (DT TMS)
Increased transparency for customers by enabling real-time visibility. Reduction in time for billing reconciliation through digital POD capture (enabled through consignee's e-signature) while ensuring accuracy of consignee location through live geolocation cross-referencing.
Secure Platforms
Periodic Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
Maximize data security through periodic Vulnerability and Penetration Assessment Tests and subsequent incorporation of security patches.
Automate Shipment HandlingHHT / Mobility Integration (TMS)Minimize Manual Intervention and maximize data accuracy by automating Shipment Handling through incorporation of TMS-integrated HHTs/mobility devices.
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