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Our Solutions
Pranik Logistics is a private limited company based at kolkata spread ing its wings across Eastern Indian. We provide complete logistic solutions to our clients i.e. from the point of origin to the point of consumption in order to meet the needs of the customer and the corporations. We manage both physical as well as abstract items. Our services are an integration of material handling, inventory, transportation, warehousing and often security. Our motivation is the minimum utilisation of resources while achieving the maximum.  We provide professional and efficient transportation and warehousing services that are directed towards Cost Optimization, Reducing Time Levels and Enhancing Service Levels. We have trained professionals on logistics and transport, which minimizes the risks involved.
Procurement Logistics

Market research to forecast the requirement which includes the Seasonal Spikes, Festive Spikes, Govt. Policies Spikes and other related Spikes to develop the Industries based Procurement Schedule by taking in account of Manufacturing timelines and transit time and negotiation with the Supplier to achieve Supply side efficiency.
Distribution Logistics

Order Processing, Warehousing – Full WMS System and Lean WM with SAP to maintain the FIFO (Product Serial Based) and FEFO (Product Self Life) to minimize the risk of Losses due to Price Sensitiveness, Expiry of Product - Self life Sensitiveness and Transportation of Products at optimum level of cost and time line by in depth analysis – Selecting appropriate Mode of Transportation – Road, Rail, Air and Courier and Cargo depending on the requirement of the Clients.
Reverse Logistics

Concentrates on operations relating to reuse of products and materials
Our Solutions
What we can
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Our warehousing services include Inventory Control, Order Management and Storage Management.

We provide long-haul, Middle Mile, Last Mile & Reverse Logistics services under our transportation solutions.

Agriculture is the main backbone of Indian economy, where we support to farming of seasonal crops starting from Land Operation including cultivating and harrowing to Harvesting and Stacking of crops.

3PL Management
We offer complete end to end warehouse & transportation management for various kinds of MNC, we are able to help our clients manage their inventory requirements, while allowing them to focus on their core business growth strategies.

We are providing any service, either directly or indirectly, concerned with the clearing and forwarding operations in any manner to any other person and includes a consignment agent.

Value Added Service
Technologies like Clean Sheet for process wise manpower requirement, layout optimizer for optimizing layouts.

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