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Life @ Pranik
Richard Branson once said “ Train your people well enough so they can leave…………Treat them well enough so they don’t want to” .

  • We encourage our employees to rise and add value to their personal and professional lives by empowering them.
  • “Culture makes employees and better cultured employees make an organization successful”. Besides recruiting the right candidate, the Human Resources (HR) team works on making the culture of Pranik conducive so that the employee can give their best. We believe that besides the growth of the organization, it is important to focus on the personal growth and development of an employee as an individual. Hence, various employee engagement activity top HR’s agenda. We are committed to make our culture the best across industries and organizations.
  • A fully transparent HR Management portal drives entire Human Resource of Pranik and brought all people in common platform.
  • Our Learning & Organization Development department is intended towards employee engagement and enhancement for growth and development of the company.

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