Our Company

Pranik Logistics is a private limited company having its registered office at Kolkata, in the state of West Bengal.
We provide complete logistic solutions to our clients i.e. from the point of origin to the point of consumption in order to meet the needs of the customer and the corporations.
We manage both physical as well as abstract items. Our services are an integration of material handling, inventory, transportation, warehousing and often security. Our motivation is the minimum utilization of resources while achieving the maximum.
We provide professional and efficient transportation and warehousing services that are directed towards Cost Optimization, Reducing Time Levels and Enhancing Service Levels.
We have trained professionals on logistics and transport, which minimizes the risks involved.
We deal into the following types of Logistics

1. Procurement Logistics consists of market research, requirement planning, make or buy decisions, supplier management etc.
2. Distribution Logistics consists of order processing, warehousing and transportation. Its main task is to deliver the finished products to the end user.
3. Reverse Logistics concentrates on operations relating to reuse of products and materials.